Opening - Access Control Coordinator.

Career Center,

The main responsibility of this position will be to administer and service the multiple databases that support the state-of-the-art electronic access system and integrated software-driven Security Asset Management (SAM) boxes in every building occupied by Campus Living. This will include assigning and issuing badges, configuring access groups, monitoring and ensuring the upload and download of information to all door control panels and SAM boxes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with all record-keeping policies and procedures associated with network storage of the data. In order to accomplish these tasks, the employee will serve as the administrator for the server that maintains critical security databases, essential access control applications, and develops SQL code for establishing data backups to ensure system continuity. Employee implements new and modifies existing preventative measures to ensure uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week and serves as first responder in the event of service interruption. Employee works directly with networking administrators, and completes or advises technicians how to troubleshoot and make repairs to electro-mechanical locks and door hardware in all buildings. Employee acts as the lead consultant for the planning, coordination, installation, and service of all electronic reader controlled doors and gates in university buildings the department occupies. Employee leads coordination with other network analysts, technicians, and software engineers to develop and enhance the custom integrations necessary for the multiple supporting databases and software to communicate and exchange data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible for the university.

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