Opening - Auxiliary Services Administrator

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The Auxiliary Services Administrator position is responsible for supervising the operations of the Trojan ID Card Office and supporting the Auxiliary Services departmental operations as follows:

1. Serve as liaison to the Troy Bookstore third party service provider for textbook adoptions or other textbook issues.
2. Oversee the daily student ID Card Office functions of ID card production, posting of cash to ID cards and cash register functions.
3. Produce and work with Transact reports to balance, reconcile and ensure stored values in Transact are correct and are reflected on the student ID cards.
4. Assist the Auxiliary Services Coordinator as needed with the 3rd party contract management for the campus bookstores, drink and snack vending machines, copiers and print services and Dining Services.
5. Prepare monthly transactions related to rental property income and commission income.
6. Routinely update articles in Knowledge Base and the Oracle regarding services that are supervised by Auxiliary Services.
7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Auxiliary Services Coordinator.

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