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Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos
Senior Director of Student Finance Solutions, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
As a NACCU member for more than 20 years, I can attest that the support and guidance the UCLA BruinCard program has received from the association has been instrumental to the program’s success at our institution. Similar to many campus card programs, we are a small central department providing mission critical support to a large and diverse body of cardholders and campus departments. Having a partnership with an association like NACCU provides card programs at institutions of all sizes and complexities integral industry best practices, leading technology trends, and connections to peer institutions. More specifically, NACCU encourages making and maintaining connections with industry partners through annual conferences, hosting NACCU Near You’s, participating in Listserv conversations, and more. UCLA BruinCard continues to be involved with NACCU forums because this community offers a place where schools can engage on important card program topics in order to meet growing institutional demands and strategic goals. We value the conversations we have with association staff and members because they are always willing to provide feedback and share helpful information that can help your program now, or in the future state. Thank you NACCU for being a key thought partner in the Higher Education space! 

Mercer University
Ken BoyerKen Boyer
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, Mercer University (GA)

NACCU has been an invaluable partner throughout my professional journey. The association has consistently provided me with resources and tools that have been instrumental in my success in the industry. I have been fortunate to collaborate with NACCU for over 30 years and without a doubt, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

My involvement with NACCU has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. The educational and networking opportunities have helped me grow my skills and knowledge, while the leadership opportunities have allowed me to progress in the industry and auxiliary services. The resources NACCU offers have provided me with fresh perspectives and insights to enhance the campus experience for the Mercer Community.

NACCU is a leader in technology, data, and the responsibilities of transaction system/card services professionals. Their commitment to bringing technology and innovation to campuses has been inspiring. My participation in NACCU has been invaluable, and I have learned so much from the association that I could not have learned anywhere else. Without a doubt, NACCU has provided me with a solid return on investment each year.

Jennifer McNeill
ONEcard Manager, University of Alberta

I can't say enough about the positive impact NACCU has had on the University of Alberta and, personally, on my journey in credential and technology in Higher Education. For over two decades, our affiliation with NACCU has been nothing short of transformative for our program. It's not just an association; it's a tight-knit community that thrives on connection. 
Whenever I dive into a new project, there's always a member ready to share their wealth of knowledge. It's like having a support system that ensures I'm never starting from scratch. The willingness of this community to share experiences and guide me in the right direction is simply invaluable. This culture of support translates into active participation with the association, be it in committees, webinars, or engaging with a vibrant group of professionals. 

But NACCU doesn't just foster connections; They are also at the forefront of trends and technologies shaping Higher Education. Recently, the focus on Data and Mobile technologies has significantly benefited our institution. The data summit sparked positive changes, sharpening our data-driven decisions. NACCU's mobile tech sessions provide a roadmap, helping us navigate the evolving landscape for better user experiences on campus. This commitment to researching and prioritizing resources and solutions directly impacting our work is commendable. In essence, NACCU isn't just an organization; it's a community that empowers, connects, and propels us forward. I am grateful for the enriching experiences and the continuous support that being a part of NACCU brings to the University of Alberta and to me personally. 

Mississippi State University
Nelson Olivier
Nelson Olivier
Integrated Security Management Division, Mississippi State University Police Dept.
NACCU has been a valuable resource for me and Mississippi State University. Being involved in electronic safety and security on campus, I first reached out to NACCU to become more aware of the role of campus card offices and the impact to campus security.  I have been a member of NACCU for a few years and attended my first NACCU conference last year in Austin, TX. Being a member of NACCU and participating in the conference, webinars and NACCU Near You have been a rewarding experience that combined peer networking and informative sessions.  The information gained from peers has been extremely helpful. No matter the platforms used by campuses there are common situations we all experience and solutions that can be shared. We are currently working with our campus card office on a recarding effort to move to SEOS. Our next focus will be planning our road map to mobile. I look forward to continuing the association with NACCU and becoming more involved to help support others. 

UC Irvine
Markus QuonMarkus Quon
Housing OIT Manager, University of California-Irvine

Joining NACCU has been invaluable for both myself and UC Irvine, providing valuable opportunities for networking and professional growth within the industry. Through NACCU, we've connected with like-minded individuals, exchanging insights and solutions that have propelled our campus OneCard initiatives forward. The accessibility of naccuTV has allowed us to delve into details quickly, gaining a comprehensive understanding of industry trends and challenges, while also exploring the technical capabilities and limitations of various vendor products and the campus card ecosystem in detail.

NACCU has facilitated my personal growth and knowledge-sharing endeavors. From conference presentations to active participation in groups like NACCU NetworX: Information Technology and the Professional Development Committee, I've had the privilege to contribute to the growth of others while expanding our own horizons. These opportunities have not only enriched my own understanding, but have also empowered us to drive meaningful contributions to the industry, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Being an institutional member of NACCU has expanded our network, deepened our expertise, and provided avenues for impactful contributions. We are immensely grateful for the support and opportunities NACCU has offered, and we look forward to continuing our journey together, shaping the future of the industry. 

Duke University
Laurie HarrisLaurie Harris
DukeCard Senior Program Manager, Duke University (NC)

In 1993, Duke University became a founding member of NACCU. Over the years, Duke has benefitted from NACCU in so many ways, particularly for professional development and networking. If you are new to the campus credential industry, the NACCU Campus Profile will help you identify other programs like yours – two-year, four-year, public, private, multi-campus, etc. Finding commonality with other institutions is a great way to guide your exploration of NACCU and our industry. As your program matures, resources such as the Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program will help you identify opportunities to strengthen your program. NACCU is a member of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) which is the gold standard for assessment and evaluation for campus programs. I have been privileged to serve as SAGs faculty and CAS representative. These opportunities have contributed not only to my own professional development but to the DukeCard program’s operational maturity. There is a place for you at NACCU where you can explore your own professional interests, improve your program, and network with others. 

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jim Wysocky
Director of Wiscard Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Being a member of NACCU has been a great benefit for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My office includes staff who are new to the campus ID program, and others that have been in this business for several years. NACCU provides value to everyone through the many resources they provide. The annual conference offers wonderful educational sessions for both the novice and experienced person. In addition, NACCU’s online vendor and training sessions provide ongoing learning opportunities in an ever-changing industry. But the most important aspect of NACCU are the people. NACCU brings together individuals from universities across the United States and Canada who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. It is these people that make NACCU what it is today. 

Babson College
Meghan RosenbergMeghan Rosenberg
OneCard & Parking Manager, Babson College (MA)

NACCU has been, without a doubt, one of the most important resources to not only me, but to Babson College a whole. We have been members since 1997, but really started to utilize all the resources that NACCU has to offer over the last 6 years. When I started as the OneCard & Parking Manager, I was overwhelmed by all the information flowing through our office.  I decided to join a NACCU “One Person Card Office” webinar and discovered quickly why NACCU is so successful! I received so much guidance and support from a group of people that I had just met, I knew this was the organization for me. I attended my first NACCU conference in Hartford, CT and was blown away. I learned more in my four-day NACCU conference experience than anywhere else.  

Since starting my position as a one-person office, we have grown to include three full time staff, one part time staff member and six student employees. This would not have been possible without the resources and information we had at our fingertips from NACCU resources. The connections and friendships I have made over the years since going to the NACCU conferences and participating in volunteer groups are priceless. NACCU offers unlimited resources from NACCU NetworX, to Listserv LIVE, the NACCU Data Summit, the SAGS Cohort, Industry Essentials Institute, The Vault, naccuTV, NACCU LEAP!, endless webinars…the list goes on and on. However, for me, the people that are part of NACCU – the NACCU staff, institutional members, and the vendors are what really make the NACCU organization so amazing. Everyone I encounter goes above and beyond to help each other be successful. It truly is an amazing organization, and I can’t imagine being able to be successful in my role without the support of the NACCU community. 

University of Houston
Rosie Ashley
Rosie Ashley
Director of the Cougar Card Office, University of Houston

NACCU has made a huge impact on both me and my institution. Our institution is committed to staying on top of the latest and greatest technology. Our involvement in NACCU has helped us navigate the wild world of campus card technology. The knowledge I have gained through my involvement in NACCU has been beyond valuable to my role at my institution.

The networking opportunities provided by NACCU have been some of the best experiences of my career in higher education. It’s very easy to make connections and forge friendships with NACCU members and staff. This welcoming community makes it easy for new members to get involved, whether they serve on a committee or present at the national conference. After I attended my first NACCU conference, I have always said that NACCU has the kindest members of any association, and I stand by that statement. 

Humber College
Ryan BurtonRyan Burton
Director of Digital Solutions, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (ON)

I have been a member of NACCU for three years, and I can confidently say participation has exceeded my expectations. In every measurable way, the community of practice has demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their membership. Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend NACCU:

1. Exceptional Customer Service: NACCU is responsive, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile. They listen to my needs, address my concerns promptly, and make me feel valued as a member.

2. Quality Products/Services: Support I receive from NACCU is top-notch. Whether it was their resources, networking opportunities, webinars, or access to corporate members, I am always thoroughly impressed.

3. Results That Speak Volumes: NACCU delivers tangible results. Their expertise is improving campus operations and the student experience has helped me achieve operational excellence, and I could not be happier with the outcome.

4. Transparent Communication: Throughout our collaboration, NACCU has maintained clear and transparent communication. I always knew what to expect, and they have kept me informed every step of the way.

5. Trustworthy and Reliable: Trust is crucial when choosing a community of practice. NACCU earned my trust through their consistent reliability, honesty, and commitment to excellence.

In summary, my experience with NACCU has been nothing short of exceptional. If you are looking for a reliable partner who delivers outstanding results, I wholeheartedly recommend NACCU. Thank you for making my journey memorable and successful! 

College of Southern Nevada
Meghan EzekielMeghan Ezekiel
Auxiliary Services Director, College of Southern Nevada

NACCU has been the most valuable resource in assisting the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) to build a campus card program from scratch. I seriously don’t know what we would do without their support, professionalism, benchmarking literature, webinars, and endless resources.  NACCU is one of the most top-notch professional organizations I have interacted with and it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of their network. Building a campus card program seems to have endless possibilities. It’s difficult to know where to start. We had zero roadmaps and didn’t know any professionals in the industry. At first blush, the task of implementing a campus card program seemed quite daunting, especially because we are a community college. The campus community had a lot of questions and expectations surrounding the functionality of the program. We’ve really leaned into The Vault, naccuTV and the vast networking experiences NACCU has provided to help us establish a clear strategic vision. My absolute favorite aspect of NACCU is the community. AMAZING! Everyone has been overwhelmingly welcoming, helpful, and willing to meet with us to educate us about the industry and share what they are doing on their campuses. Thank you, NACCU, for your invaluable support! 

CSU Northridge
Nick AlexanderNick Alexander
Associate Registrar/MataCard, California State University Northridge

NACCU has been an indispensable resource for CSU, Northridge as we implemented our first campus one card program (and mobile credential)! Our campus, est. 1958, had never had a one card platform until 2023. Prior to that, the Office of the Registrar would make student and employee ID cards as needed that did nothing other than act as a form of identification (no magstripe, chip, etc.). Our Meal Plan office made their own cards, and other areas of campus such as Housing and Physical Plan Management, made their own door key cards independently of one another. After years of discussions, in 2022, we got the green light to move forward in implementing a one-card mobile-first program. The 2022 NACCU Annual Conference was the perfect primer to expose us to a whole new world. We were able to quickly make connections with other one-card offices and vendors, as well as immerse ourselves in all the nuances of managing a one-card office. The NACCU website and the vast amount of resources helped us structure our policies and procedures (THE VAULT!); the Listserv is also a great way to stay connected and the ongoing webinars are indispensable for staying attuned to the hot topics around card offices. I am in a number of professional organizations (most are around enrollment / registration / admissions) and I have to say the NACCU is one of the most impressive, organized, and diverse associates I have ever been affiliated with. Thank you NACCU! 

McMaster University
Jennifer McDonald
OneCard Representative, McMaster University (ON)

When I took my first ID card office leadership role in 2018, I quickly realized I was in over my head. The incredibly specialized knowledge that I needed to gain quickly was not something that I could just Google. Luckily, I was connected with NACCU and the amazing member community. I can safely say, the card program I built would not have been possible without this friendly and passionate group of people.
Even now that I'm an experienced veteran, I still frequently work with and learn from so many different people within the association. The ID credential industry is one that will never remain static, and as new innovations arise, our NACCU members are right there leading the charge. I can't imagine running a program without them

Clark University
Sean Ryder
Sean Ryder
Sean Ryder, Campus Card and Access Coordinator, Clark University (MA)

NACCU has been a great help to me! There are dozens and dozens of useful resources on the website, and many have helped me develop guidelines and protocols for my office. However, the real wealth of NACCU is in the community. The Listserv is always full of helpful advice, and being able to ask questions of a group of professionals in the same field is priceless! If someone doesn’t have an answer, you know they are facing or have faced similar problems, and some piece of guidance will help you along. The card office position is a new one for me, but NACCU has helped me professionalize much swifter than I ever could have without help. I cannot imagine getting as far along as I have in a short time without NACCU.