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About the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to an individual who has advanced the industry, exhibited entrepreneurial spirit, is an active member of NACCU, is actively involved in R&D, and who is active in the industry through serving on advisory boards and/or actively educating through presentations and sessions. 

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Nominations are closed for the 2024 NACCU Distinguished Service Award. All NACCU members are encouraged to submit nominations, and there is no cost to do so.  Nominations for 2025 awards will open this fall.


  • To encourage participation in the association and the industry.
  • To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to their campus, the association and the industry.
  • Recognize the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Recognize the time, effort and sophistication of the accomplishment
Award Eligibility
  • Award submissions may be self-nominated or nominated by another NACCU institutional member or by a NACCU corporate member.
  • Nominee must be a member of NACCU to be eligible.
  • Awards Committee members are ineligible for this award while serving.
Nomination/Selection Criteria

Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by their institution, an individual from another NACCU institutional member, or an individual from a NACCU corporate member. At least one letter of support from a colleague who is also a member of NACCU – can be an institutional or corporate member (this will be used in presenting the award to the recipient) must be received with the nomination. Additionally, completion of the supplemental information form is required. If self-nominated, the form should be included with submission. All nominees will be contacted to complete the supplemental information form following the formal nomination process.

All nominees must demonstrate contributions to the industry through a combination any or all of the following:

  • Participation in the research and development of identification and transaction related technologies
  • Development of solutions that have been shared with the industry
  • Membership on advisory boards
  • NACCU volunteer
  • Other professional association volunteer
  • Product testing
  • Involvement in industry activity that is above and beyond an individual’s job description
  • Demonstrated courage to bring an innovative and groundbreaking spirit to the industry
  • Published material
  • Presentations
Award Selection

The Awards Committee Chair will determine whether the entry meets the eligibility requirements as well as obtaining any required supplemental documents. Each qualifying submission will be scored using a common scoring method individually by Awards Committee members. The Chair will collect scoring from committee members and tally a total score for each submission. The submission receiving top score will be the recipient.

NACCU Distinguished Service Award Recipients 


Laurie Harris, Duke University

Laurie Harris

Duke University

2023 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

Since 2019, Laurie has served as a NACCU faculty member for the NACCU Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program and evaluates the program for improvements after each course. She has served NACCU as a liaison to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), an initiative that provides NACCU with an assessment and evaluation tool  MORE

Scott Brannan, Temple University

Scott Brannan

Temple University

2022 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

Scott Brannan has demonstrated servant leadership throughout his career. He has served on the NACCU Board of Directors, has presented countless education sessions at the annual conference, mentored new members, participated in numerous committees and has been a wealth of knowledge to the membership through the listserv.  MORE

Davide Halbach, University of Wisconsin Whitewater

David Halbach

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

2021 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be receiving the NACCU 2021 Distinguished Service Award,” said Dave. “Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from all of you NACCU members. Because of that, I have tried to share with you the experiences of the card office at UW-Whitewater. Thank you.” MORE


Ken Boyer, Mercer University

Ken Boyer

Mercer University

2020 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

“I am humbled to be your NACCU 2020 Distinguished Service Award recipient,” said Ken. “We have a motto here at Mercer – Everybody majors in changing the world. And I think that’s so true of us at NACCU. What we do on our campuses helps change and impact our students and their lives for the future.” MORE


Jessica Bender, Palm Beach State College

Jessica Bender

Palm Beach State College

2019 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

Jessica has mentored and shaped many of the talented leaders in our industry today. She is a wise counselor, a standard bearer of integrity and highly respected in our field. Clearly an outstanding professional, mentor, teacher and colleague. As a servant leader, she always shines the spotlight away from herself, while promoting the development of others and the profession as whole. MORE


James Pete

James Pete

Georgia Institute of Technology

2018 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

Jim understands the importance of sharing knowledge with others and this is evidenced by his participation at conferences, training events and webinars. His service and dedication to NACCU has been tremendous. He has only missed two NACCU Annual conferences since attending his first in 1997. MORE


Dr. Kristy Vienne

Dr. Kristy Vienne

Sam Houston State University

2017 recipient of the NACCU Distinguished Service Award

Kristy has served in a wide variety of roles within NACCU. In her capacity as a member of the NACCU Education and Conference Committees in 2010, she proposed development of both the New Professionals Institute (NPI) and Professional Development program for the NACCU annual conference. The New Professional Institute has helped to educate and train hundreds of card office administrators on basic foundations and best practices.  MORE


2016: Mark McKenna

2015: Douglas Vanderpoel

2014: John Younk

2013: Joel Weidner

2012: Ann Marie Powell

2011: John Beckwith

2010: Kathleen Kelly

2009: Shirley Everson

2008: Kathy Gallagher

2007: Jeanine Brooks

2006: Matthew Drummond

2005: Brenda L. Hovden

2004: Eugene McKenna

2003: Homer Tedder

2002: Deb Hoefer

2001: Cindy Vetter

2000: Joe Pietrantoni

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