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About the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

The NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award is an award presented annually to recognize an individual who has demonstrated exemplary volunteer service to the mission, goals, and work of NACCU during the current or previous calendar year and encompasses the ideals of vision, diligence and commitment to service to the NACCU community.


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2024 award sponsored by ColorID


Nominations are closed for 2024.  Nominations for 2025 awards will open this fall.


Award Eligibility
  • A nominee must be a contact at a current NACCU member institution.
  • A nominee must have served as a volunteer in the current or previous calendar year.
  • A nominee's service may include, but is not limited to, service on a NACCU standing committee, participation in an ad-hoc committee or project, facilitation of a NACCU educational program, or hosting a NACCU event.
  • NACCU Board of Directors and NACCU Staff are not eligible for this award.
Requirement Information

You will need to have the following information prepared in order to complete your nomination:

  1. The number of years the nominee has been a NACCU member
  2. Current volunteer role
  3. Other NACCU volunteer experience
  4. Why the nominee is qualified for consideration of the award
  5. At least one letter of support from a colleague. 

NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipients

Lynn Ernsting photo

Lynn Ernsting

Seattle Pacific University

2023 recipient of the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

Lynn served as the chair of the NACCU Ambassadors Committee, was the 2022 chair of the NACCU Awards Committee, served on the prior Membership Committee, and has coordinated a state-wide campus card group for Washington.  MORE


Josh Bodnar photo

Joshua Bodnar

The Ohio State University

2022 recipient of the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

Josh not only contributes to multiple committees but also frequently leads conference presentations and webinars. He has a positive attitude and willingness to help others shine in a community that is already so full of amazing and generous people. Josh’s dedication to the NACCU community is highlighted by his desire to contribute on a higher level… and he is always willing to pitch in with any request.  MORE

Laurie Harris photo

Laurie Harris

Duke University

2021 recipient of the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

Laurie Harris truly embodies the spirit of this award. She is a champion of the SAGs program and has served in a faculty role for a few years. She is an active participant on the professional development committee and is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to sharing knowledge with members. She was also chosen as the first NACCU Liaison to CAS (the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and has really worked to elevate NACCU's standing with CAS. She has given credibility among this group of peers to NACCU with her hard work and determination, and has already started to explore possible ways that NACCU can benefit from this new partnership. MORE


Kim Pfeffer photo

Kim Pfeffer

Emory University

2020 recipient of the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

Kim Pfeffer truly embodies the spirit of this award. She is a consistent presenter and participant at both live and virtual NACCU events, has helped to launch new projects for the association including a live exhibit hall podcast and the NACCU Primer Guide, has been instrumental in planning and facilitating the New Professionals Institute, and she currently chairs the Professional Development Committee. She is respectful and inclusive; active and supportive. MORE


Scott Brannan photo

Scott Brannan

Temple University

2019 recipient of the NACCU Outstanding Volunteer Award

“This volunteer is the type of person this award is intended to honor. This volunteer loves NACCU and will volunteer his time and energy for the conference to be a success - and has done so for the past 15 years. I see this volunteer as Mr. NACCU - always with a smile on his face, welcoming people to NACCU and making friends. I cannot imagine NACCU without this person in it.” MORE

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