NACCU Innovative Technology Award

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About the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

The Innovative Technology Award is awarded annually to an institution that has introduced a unique technology-based solution to a problem or opportunity. The Innovative Technology Award recognizes and celebrates the success of a NACCU institutional member that has implemented innovative uses of technology in support of services used by identification and transaction system programs.


2023 nominations are closed. Watch for 2024 nomination opportunities later this year!


  • To encourage members to share unique and innovative ideas with other members.
  • To recognize individuals/schools for making significant contributions to the industry
Award Eligibility
  • Award submissions may be self-nominated or nominated by another NACCU institutional member or by a NACCU corporate member
  • Nominee must be a member of NACCU to be eligible.
  • A school cannot win the same award two years in a row.
  • Awards Committee members are ineligible for this award while serving.
  • The innovative technology implementation demonstrates merit as being innovative but viable and can be easily interpreted.
Nomination/Selection Criteria
  • The nominated Institution representative must submit the materials outlined below.
  • Describe the challenge and/or the opportunity
  • Describe the concept of what is it that will be attempted/undertaken and what makes it innovative
  • Detail the steps taken to determine a solution based on the innovation being undertaken
  • Provide information about the evaluation of the solution including measured results
  • Describe the next steps and conclusion as well as lessons learned
Award Selection

The Innovative Technology Award sub-committee will determine results for the award based on whether the entry meets the eligibility requirements. Each entry will be scored using a common scoring method by the full Awards Committee. The Innovative Technology Award sub-committee will collect scoring matrixes from committee members and tally scoring to make a recommendation to the full Awards Committee. The nomination receiving top score will be the recipient recommended to the Awards Committee. 

NACCU Innovative Technology Award Recipients


The University of Georgia
2023 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

UGA made the advancement of card technology a priority, forming a special committee consisting of representatives from different departments on campus to research secure credential solutions and launch an in-depth cost analysis. The committee determined that the best way forward was to move to an encrypted smart card on an open platform with non-proprietary interoperability - a solution that would give the university ownership of their own encryption keys .  MORE


The University of Texas at Austin
2022 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

When the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the University of Texas at Austin campus to online learning, the ID Center rapidly executed portions of its modernization vision to support remote teaching and learning, a remote workforce, and essential onsite personnel while keeping employee safety paramount.  MORE

Georgian College
2021 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

Georgian College took on a challenge that sought to replace transit stickers by seamlessly distributing a digital bus UPass to their students each semester. Normally they have had a long line of students waiting to receive their sticker passes.  MORE


Clemson University
2020 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

Clemson University began upgrading their access control infrastructure and POS system in 2016 in preparation for launching mobile credentials. Their exemplary foresight and planning allowed them to be one of the first institutions to launch Apple Wallet in Fall 2019. Additionally, the student mobile IDs were integrated into their existing university app, eliminating the need for students to download a third-party app in order to take advantage of mobile access.  MORE


University of California, Merced
2019 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

iCare offers students immediate, private, and automated access to request meal funds equivalent to a full week of meals accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. iCare is integrated with UC Merced’s CatCard campus card systems, and provides tracking, demographics, data analysis, and trends of student donations and requests to management. MORE


University of Montana
2018 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

The Unclaimed Property Web Application is innovative as it combines many traditionally manual processes into one comprehensive automated process. Customer service has been improved, and the time spent on inactive accounts has been reduced to under two hours per month. Additionally, it enabled UM to be fully compliant with state law regarding unclaimed property. MORE 


Northwestern University
2017 recipient of the NACCU Innovative Technology Award

Northeastern University’s old system of combination locks and in-person locker reservations needed to change. Warren Lord and his team used their experience with residence hall doors to develop an online locker reservation system. The new system used campus cards to access the lockers. MORE



2016: University of Ottawa

2015: Vanderbilt University

2014: University of Victoria

2013: Illinois Institute of Technology

2012: Arizona State University

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