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"Selling NACCU is easy!"

 Earn discounts to NACCU events by
bringing new members into the community

You are invited to become a champion of NACCU within our industry!
By helping another school or company enjoy the benefits of NACCU membership,
you can earn discounts to attend the NACCU Annual Conference.

For each new member you bring on board, you will receive
50% off conference registration! To add to the excitement,
these rewards are stackable! *

Keep reading to learn more!

The Rewards

The recruiting NACCU member will receive 50% off of a full conference registration to the NACCU Annual Conference. This incentive is stackable, so if an organization recruits two new members in the same fiscal year, they will be eligible for one full free conference registration. There will be no limit on a recruiting member in this incentive program!*

Additional Incentives:

  • We will schedule periodic announcements of individual recruitment efforts via email, the Member Milestones page on the website, social media and at the Annual Conference.

Why Member Rewards?

  • We want to grow the network and marketplace available through NACCU.
  • We want to leverage the strong, existing relationships of current NACCU members with potential new members across higher education and the industry.
  • We want to significantly multiply and speed up our recruitment efforts at a reasonable cost.
  • We want to recognize each organization that invests in the growth of NACCU by rewarding them with more engagement opportunities that benefit their own organization.
This is a Win for Institutional Members.
This is a Win for Corporate Members.
This is a Win for NACCU.
It’s a Win-Win-Win Opportunity!

The Process

  1.  The recruiting member organization will reach out to a potential member organization, share about NACCU and encourage them to join as members.
  2. The recruiting member will share this communication with John Ogle, the Membership Engagement Manager for NACCU, for tracking purposes. Contact him at or 803-205-0303. IMPORTANT: This communication of the member’s recruitment efforts must take place PRIOR to the new member’s payment for membership.
  3. The recruiting member will continue to recruit the new member. We are looking for recruiting members to help secure new members, not just provide leads.

  4. Once John learns that an organization is ready to join, he will communicate with Crissy Sampier, the Business Manager for NACCU, about issuing an invoice.

  5. Upon receiving payment of the new member’s dues, we will ask the new member who was their recruiter to confirm that this matches what our records indicate.

  6. We will then notify the recruiter that this new organization has joined, thank the recruiter for their efforts and inform them of their incentive.

  7. John will track all incentives and when they are redeemed. Any organization that receives an incentive will contact John to receive a discount code when they are ready to use it.

Recruitment Toolbox

 Use these resources as guides when discussing NACCU with your contacts. If you are attending an industry event and would like printed resources, please inform John a minimum of three weeks prior to the event, and we will ship materials to you.

Talking points: Potential corporate members

Talking points: Potential institutional members

Sample email to potential member institutions

Sample email to lapsed member institutions

Sample email to potential corporate members

Sample email to lapsed corporate members

 * Definitions, Rules and Restrictions

  • This program begins on October 1, 2021 and is not retroactive for previous recruitment efforts.
  •  A new member is defined as an organization that has committed to pay dues to join NACCU and has not been a member of NACCU within the last two (2) years.
  • A recruiting member is defined as an organization that has paid their dues for the current membership year. Only currently-active paid NACCU members may qualify for rewards.
  • NACCU institutional members may recruit new institutional or corporate members.
  • NACCU corporate members may recruit new institutional or corporate members.
  • To qualify for a reward, John Ogle must be aware in advance of efforts contacting a specific organization, as specified in the above process.
  • Rewards are non-transferable. You may use any earned discount to purchase registration for another individual, but the purchase must be completed from your organization's account.
  • If your organization's NACCU membership lapses, any accrued rewards are permanently lost.
  • Your own organization's NACCU membership does not qualify for a reward. You can't recruit yourself - however, you may recruit another institution within your university system or company under your organization's umbrella, as long as they are paying separate dues.


Contact John Ogle
Membership Experience and Education Director