ColorID announces spotlight article series, “Looking up to the Cloud"

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ColorID announced new spotlight article series, “Looking up to the Cloud"

Cornelius, NC --- (February 21st 2023) --- ColorID is pleased to announce the release of a new spotlight article series, “Looking up to the Cloud.” This 4-part series is meant to look away from older campus identity solutions and processes and toward new, advanced possibilities. ColorID Owner, Danny Smith stated, “We are extremely grateful to have David Stallsmith, our Director of Product Management, lead another informative campus identity content series. We believe the audience will find this series enlightening and provide helpful guidance, especially for institutions that have mobile credentials on their roadmaps.

Cloud and platform-based identity solutions have and will continue to accelerate campus technology innovations. This series touches on the cornerstones of this transformation.” The first article will focus on: Identity management – The foundation of a digital campus. Part two presents three reasons to expect more from your next issuance solution. Part three outlines how cloud-based visitor management solutions can help you manage visitors without breaking your budget. In the final article, we go beyond “what” and “why,” and dive into “how.” Explore our proven five-step process to understand our customers' needs, identify the right solution and deliver a successful roll-out.

Part one will be available on ColorID’s website on February 21st, with each subsequent article released every seven days. Access past spotlight articles and part one of LOOKING UP TO THE CLOUD ~ 4 Part Series on ColorID's website.

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