ID Card Offices have NO LIMITS!

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College and University ID Card Offices have NO LIMITS!

Card offices touch many aspects of the student experience and campus life.

The campus card is central to the higher education experience, providing students, staff, and faculty access to many campus services, including:

  • dining and meal plans,
  • housing and dorm access,
  • lab access,
  • event tickets,
  • transportation,
  • parking,
  • vending,
  • printing,
  • bookstore,
  • off-campus dining,
  • and more.

With the implementation of mobile credentials and digital IDs, the identification credential can now meet students where they are in their digital world. Evolving technology continues to create more streamlined and efficient ways for students to access different services on campus. Card offices prioritize the safety of students by connecting to access control technology such as online and offline locks and turnstiles across campus. Centralized access control systems that have coverage in all campus buildings allows quick and comprehensive response to emergencies, which is crucial in today's campus environment. Other technologies improve convenience such as mobile ordering, robot delivery, online photo submission and queue management

Effective ID card offices can break down campus silos.

As noted above, it takes many departments collaborating together to give students the tools and access to use their campus cards to achieve a seamless experience and to be able to take advantage of new technologies. ID card operations impact many campus departments and many departments can oversee the card program, including:

  • Dining Services,
  • Campus Safety and Security / Campus Police,
  • Information Technology,
  • Housing,
  • Auxiliary Services,
  • Student Affairs,
  • Enrollment Management,
  • Bursar / Financial Services,
  • Registrar's Office,
  • Human Resources,
  • and others.

Campus card office personnel have the responsibility of educating upper administration and other departments about how important advancements in security and technology can influence the student experience and provide a safer environment for all members of the campus community. By understanding the needs of other departments, sharing card data, and communicating clearly about the technology changes coming to campus, card offices are in the unique position to break down silos and facilitate efficient collaboration. Ultimately, no department in higher education has the market cornered on ID cards and mobile credentials, so it is essential for all staff to understand how these departments work together to provide students with the best possible experience.

Card offices have data that’s invaluable to many departments on campus.

Because cards are used by students to access so many services across campus, credential systems are rich with data that can be used by the other departments noted above. This collected data can be used to analyze student engagement on campus to improve student retention, and to make informed data-based decisions regarding current and future services and technologies.

The future of the identification credential, in its many forms, is limitless.

The future of the card is limitless, as new technologies continue to transform the student experience. Currently existing cards use a range of technologies, including magnetic stripes, proximity cards, smart cards, and biometric identification. The quick rise of the mobile credential offers even greater security and increased adaptability, as students can use their smartphones to access campus services and facilities. As card systems become more centralized and connected, users and operators will enjoy a more streamlined, cohesive experience, with greater access to real-time data and analytics. From using student ID cards as a tool for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic to implementing smart vending machines, effective higher education institutions are continuing to create new innovative ways to use student ID cards. 

What factors are preventing your card program from exploring new horizons?

Buy-in from upper administration can be a challenge, as some institutional leadership may not realize the full potential of the credential and its impact on campus departments. Additionally, funding can be a significant obstacle, especially for institutions with limited budgets. Outdated technology can severely limit the potential for new developments, such as mobile credentials and biometrics. Without sufficient financial, technological, and human resources, implementing a technologically advanced card program can be challenging. Knowledge is also a key factor, as limited access to information and expertise can prevent card programs from keeping up with industry trends and innovations. Access to a community of peers can be invaluable for card professionals, as it can provide connections, support, and a wealth of knowledge

NACCU's community of identitification professionals is your key to unlocking potential

NACCU and our community of identification professionals are your key to unlocking the potential of your campus card. NACCU is the only member association dedicated to serving professionals who manage campus identification programs on higher education campuses. NACCU understands the challenges and opportunities that come with managing a campus card program, and our community is ready to help you overcome them. Our knowledgeable and friendly community of campus professionals are passionate about doing the best for their campuses and the students and staff they serve.

Here are just a few highlights of benefits offered through NACCU membership:

  • Access to networking opportunities such as discussions with peers who share common circumstances at NACCU NetworX meetings, our annual conference each April, and NACCU Near You.
  • In-depth webinars and discussions to learn what other campuses are doing and how you can replicate their successes. 
  • Connection to NACCU corporate members, the vendors who provide a variety of options and price points to upgrade or integrate your current technology.
  • The ability to ask questions and share ideas on the NACCU listserv.
  • Through the NACCU Data Summit, learn how to use the data already collected through the ID card and access control systems to assist campus leaders in making informed decisions.
  • Demographic, staff, and operational data about cards offices at hundreds of higher education institutions is shared with NACCU members through the Campus Profile. In addition, regular benchmarking studies are conducted to raise the bar across the industry.
Take a step into the limitless future of your card program.

A campus ID card program is so much more than just a piece of plastic. It is the key to unlocking the full potential of the student experience and campus life. The card office touches every aspect of campus life, and with advancements in technology and the rise of the mobile credential, the potential for campus ID credential programs is truly limitless. Don't let challenges such as buy-in from administration, funding, or outdated technology prevent your card program from exploring new horizons! By joining the NACCU community, we can help you unlock the full potential of your campus ID card program. Together, we can create a safer and more convenient experience for your entire campus.

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