NACCU Speedy Benchmark: IT Support for the Campus Card Program


This Speedy Benchmark is brought to you by the NACCU Technology Research CommitteeThese quick, one-question surveys are designed to collect data that is important to our institutional or corporate members. The information learned will help guide future NACCU activities.  

The previous Speedy Benchmark pop-survey asked you about IT Support for the Campus Card Program. Thanks to all who took the time to share with us. Specifically, we asked how your card program receives IT support. Here is what we learned:


  • Of the 107 responses received, 32 respondents have a dedicated IT resource available to their office, but they do not have a dedicated resource in their group.
  • Following closely behind this group, 31 of 107 respondents do their own support using the same IT service as the rest of campus.
  • Nearly one-quarter of you (24) have a dedicated resource in your group, with secondary resources in your larger IT organization.
  • Sixteen campuses responded that their office falls under IT.
  • Only four campuses that responded do their own support and are self-sufficient.


Why did we want to ask this question? This information helps us build knowledge so that when we are designing content, we are able to meet our members where they are and address questions early.