Melissa Hannah

Your NACCU Volunteers,

Meet Your NACCU Volunteers

This is the latest installment of a new NACCU series highlighting our association volunteers. NACCU provides programs and services to our members, many which would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our volunteer leaders. Volunteers, whether they are a committee member, a Board member, or an onsite volunteer at a conference, are all important in making NACCU volunteer-driven programs an exceptional experience for our card industry peers. 

Campus Card Information:

Name: Melissa Hannah

School: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB Canada

Professional Role: Director, UCard Office/Print Services/ITS Communications

Volunteer Role: Member, Awards Committee

Where was the first NACCU conference you attended?

The first NACCU conference I attended was in 2013 at the Disney's Contemporary Resort in Florida. It was also the first time I visited Disney World. 

What is your favo(u)rite thing about volunteering with your NACCU committee?

I really enjoy working on the awards committee because it lets me see some of the neat things other schools are working on across Canada and the US. 

What show are you binge-watching right now?

Homeland. I just finished Blacklist.

What is your go-to coffee / tea order?

I always order a coffee with one milk and half a sugar... but I am trying to drink more water instead.

What is your favo(u)rite memory from your own student days?

I loved the first day of each class. I was both nervous and excited at the potential for the term.

What is one thing that would surprise people about you?

I am a creative person and spend free time writing, painting, drawing and taking photos.

What is the most beloved tradition at your university?

Since 1973, our Fredericton Campus Residences participate in the Great Pumpkin Sacrifice on October 31 where a pumpkin is ceremoniously taken to the roof of one of the residence buildings and sacrificially dropped and subsequently explodes. Good fun!

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Melissa! Please look for a new edition of "Meet Your NACCU Volunteers" in two weeks.