NACCU Speedy Benchmark: Operating Budgets


Last month, NACCU started a new series called Speedy Benchmark! These quick, one-question surveys are designed to collect data that is important to our institutional or corporate members. The information learned will help guide NACCU future activities.

The first survey went only to school primary contacts regarding the Campus Card Office operating budget (not including salaries). We had a great response! As we communicated in the inaugural survey information, we will always share what we learn from the Speedy Benchmark. Here is what we learned from our institutional members' anonymous sharing of information:

  • The average operating budget (not including salaries) of a NACCU member school is $207,900.
  • The range of reported budgets was $7,500-$656,000.
  • The median operating budget was $175,000, as was the mode.

WOW! Using the median budget to estimate the potential buying power of NACCU members - this would mean $74,025,000 among the 423 schools that were members last year.

Look for the next Speedy Benchmark report soon.