Pam Hoover

Your NACCU Volunteers,

Meet Your NACCU Volunteers: Pam Hoover

This is the latest installment of a new NACCU series highlighting our association volunteers. NACCU provides programs and services to our members, many which would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our volunteer leaders. Volunteers, whether they are a committee member, a Board member, or an onsite volunteer at a conference, are all important in making NACCU volunteer-driven programs an exceptional experience for our card industry peers. 

Campus Card Information:

Name: Pam Hoover

School: Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA

Professional Role: Director of Campus Card Operations - this covers all things card-related - IDs, vending, copier/printing, debit card program on & off campus, athletic events, summer campus and access control. We are also responsible for the security camera system on campus.

Volunteer Role: Member, Awards Committee

Where was the first NACCU conference you attended?

My first conference was in 2013 in Orlando and it was great. I met one of my committee members, Robin Coleman, and we became great friends. I hated it when she retired recently!

What is your favo(u)rite thing about volunteering with your NACCU committee?

Definitely meeting people from other universities and their perspectives and views.  It also helps with networking at the conferences each year.  

What show are you binge-watching right now?

I finished Game of Thrones in August. I am trying not to miss This is Us, Blind Spot or Grey's Anatomy. Also Ray Donovan and football... Who Dat Nation - Go Saints!

What is your go-to coffee / tea order?

I drink regular coffee every morning that, sadly, I have to make myself. I never thought I would like iced coffee, but my new go to is a caramel macchiato with almond milk. I live in the south, so a hot drink during the day isn’t appealing. 

What is your favo(u)rite memory from your own student days?

It was my last class as a graduating senior and my professor allowed me to bring my three year old daughter to class. She is 24 this year and getting married soon, so it is a sweet memory.  

What is one thing that would surprise people about you?

I was a scuba diving instructor in my twenties. My husband and I taught through continuing education at the university, and we went to Florida on the weekends to certify students.

What is your favo(u)rite way to relax after a busy day at work?

Depends on the day, but the first thought is a glass of wine! 

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Pam! Please look for a new edition of "Meet Your NACCU Volunteers" in two weeks.