NACCU Campus Profile - Your Best Resource for Institutional Comparison Data

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You can have easy access to hundreds of responses to these questions and many more. Perhaps you are interested in local or regional schools who use a specific transaction system and the same student information system as your campus? Wondering who some of your peer institutions report to? What about on/off campus commission rates? 

Download the NACCU Campus Profile!

We took the frequently asked questions on the NACCU listserv and created a section in our database for your convenience. 

How Do I find the NACCU Campus Profile?

First, you must log in to the NACCU Website because access to this treasure trove of information is limited to members. Then select Campus Profile from the top bar, scroll down to 2. and download the Excel spreadsheet. 

How Do I use the NACCU Campus Profile?

There are two ways to access the data from the Campus Profile. One way is by conveniently downloading the Excel spreadsheet so you can save it and sort as needed. Some users even import it into a database for multi-level queries.

You could sort by state / province or postal code, on any category to narrow your focus to institutions you may want to contact for further information. 

Can I just do it online?

Yes, the NACCU Campus Profile is built into the membership platform. Log in and select Campus Profile from the top bar of the NACCU website. Scroll down and you will see CAMPUS PROFILE SEARCH FORM.  Enter or select from any field, and then Continue. All institutions matching your search criteria will be listed.  Select a school’s name to view their entire profile information. Want to search various scenarios? Just reset and select new criteria.

How Do I complete or update my institution’s Campus Profile?

Your institution’s Primary Contact uses the Organization log in, and then selects Edit Profile and checks an option listed in each category, then clicks Save.  Or you can call me and we will walk through it together.  92% of NACCU members have completed their Campus Profile. I invite you to join them.

The next time your boss asks what other schools are doing or you’re looking for colleagues to consult, check out the NACCU Campus Profile.

Jorrun Liston has served as NACCU education director since 2007. She previously worked as the Director of the Griz Card Center at University of Montana.