The View from the NACCU Business Manager's Chair

Posted By: Janice Weston (deleted) Positive IDentity Blog,

After working as NACCU’s business manager for a little over twelve years now, most everyone knows me as the one who sends emails about conference registrations, membership renewals, money owed, and the occasional set-up of new individuals to be added to a membership.

So, after this many years, maybe I should introduce who I am, where I have been, and what I’ve done over my many years. Most of it is just routine, boring, mundane stuff but there may be a few things that surprise people. So, here goes…

I was child #3 in a family of six kids, so anyone who comes from a large family knows what all that entails – older siblings trying to boss you around and younger ones that you have to take care of even if you have more important things to do, like hang out with girlfriends (who, by the way, most of them are also from large families and had the same issues). And of course, the usual “You’re not my mom, I don’t have to do what you say.” I was raised in an evangelical Pentecostal religion and was very restricted on what I could wear (skirts below the knee, no pants or shorts, sleeves below the elbow, no make-up, no haircuts or styles), where I could (and usually couldn’t) go, who I could be friends with, and even who I could marry. Yep, that was the life from birth until I turned 36 years old.

However, everything was not terrible. While so restricted, I also had the opportunity to learn various musical instruments (clarinet, tenor sax, piano) and play in the church band. I took many trips around the world performing with various ensembles from the band and did many missions in Israel. I also learned to play and sing Israeli music – and I even performed for Israeli troops on the front lines, and to injured troops in hospitals around Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. I even lived in Israel for five years as a member of the church. But that is a very long story for another time.

Finally becoming aware that the “church” I was with had morphed into a cult, many of my family and friends escaped the madness, and some returned to the US while others converted and remain in Israel to this day. I still make occasional trips to Israel to visit and to see places I still have not seen after so many years. The fact that my very best friend there is an archeologist and takes me places and explains things most people never get to experience.

Life in the US has brought me many blessings, failures, successes, losses, happiness, sadness, and all other emotions that come from basically living life. I am the proud mom of one son, and grandma to two grandsons and one granddaughter. I keep wishing for a great-grand but that is nowhere in the line of sight right now. So, I am going to leave it here and maybe continue the saga at another time. I am sure there are many adventures, experiences, and things I could share but this is a good stopping place for now.

I enjoy sitting at my desk and looking out the window at the scene above (in my dreams). Working for NACCU has been a real joy and blessing and I treasure every year. Here’s to many more successes and adventures ahead!

Janice Weston has served as NACCU Business Manager for over 13 years, and has over 40 years experience in corporate and medical accounting and management.