Recognizing our SAGs Cohort

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 SAGs Cohort!

In 2022, we are excited to announce the following seven school cohort members have successfully assessed their campus card programs in the NACCU Standards and Guidelines Course and are being recognized for exemplary work. Congratulations to you all on successful completion of this course!

Audra Forsberg, Wayne State University

Erin Chezick, Carleton University

Kelley Townsend, University of Arkansas

Kierra Cali, Conestoga College

Laura Callahan, George Mason University

Rosie Ashley, University of Houston

Susan Hornung, Carroll University

Left to right: Jörrun Liston, NACCU Education Director; Rosie Ashley, University of Houston; Jeanine Brooks,Faculty, The University of Alabama; Laura Callahan, George Mason University; Audra Forsberg, Wayne State University; Laurie Harris, Faculty, Duke University; Susan Hornung, Carroll University

Not pictured: Erin Chezick, Carleton University; Kelley Townsend, University of Arkansas; Kierra Cali, Conestoga College
Welcome to our 2022-2023 SAGs cohort!

Welcome to the new 2022-2023 SAGs cohort who just began their card program assessment course!

Lisa Berg, Michigan State University

Chris Dunham, North Carolina State University

Karla Gibson, Georgia Institute of Technology

Cedric Giles, Clayton State University

Benjamin Henderson, Boise State University

Nikayla Lampkins, Tufts University

Courtney Petrizzi, University of Alabama

Kim Pfeffer, Emory University

Scott Rosario, Tufts University

Precious Smith, American University