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Positive IDentity Blog,

Positive IDentity Blog:

Always changing with the seasons… that is what life is within the campus card industry. I am soon approaching my seventh year working at the University of Southern California with the card office. As we start a new year, I reflect through the years and see how often the campus card landscape has changed. At one point, biometrics was the technology that was going to change the campus card landscape, and now it is all about mobile credentials. I came to realize that every new semester brings new sets of challenges that we may have not experienced before. The NACCU community has always been there to help with these new challenges.

My first introduction to NACCU was in 2015 at the annual conference. I learned so much during my first NACCU conference and by attending the New Professional Institute (now known as Industry Essentials Institute). The Mentor Program was also incredibly helpful to help guide me through the conference and make connections with other attendees. My time being part of the Volunteer Development Committee has helped me grow professionally and within my institution

In my short time being part of a NACCU committee, I have made connections with so many wonderful people across the United States and Canada who have helped me and provided me guidance. They have inspired me as well. I joined the Volunteer Development Committee not knowing how it would impact me. It was a colleague who asked me to volunteer because “you do not know what door it will open for you”. At first, I thought I was in over my head. I had less than a year of experience in the campus card industry. What can I contribute? There is so much you can contribute by volunteering in any capacity. I did not know all the answers or have yet to be comfortable in this new environment, but I used my time in the Volunteer Development Committee to learn. It also gave me the courage to do my first conference presentation and grow within the industry.

Attending Volunteer Development Committee meetings and subcommittee meetings, I learned how to manage meetings, develop new recruitment and marketing techniques, and make great friendships. It also taught me about collaboration, and I learned about new upcoming trends within the industry. This year, I was honored to be named chair for the Volunteer Development Committee, something I would have never thought I would have the capacity to do, because of the great people who have done it in the past.

During my time serving on a committee, I have brought knowledge gained back to my institution. Using that knowledge as well to involve others in my institution, whether that is getting others to participate in doing presentations, having them participate in webinars, or lurking in the NACCU listserv. This community helped me achieve a great honor to be the recipient of USC’s 2021 June Finance Staff Recognition Award given each quarter by USC’s Finance division. It is given to an employee who has a strong commitment to Trojan Values, surpasses the requirements of their job description, and shares personal knowledge and skills with others to promote the welfare of staff and students. My time spent being involved within the NACCU community has helped me in ways I could have never imagined. The industry changes and pivots to the needs of our students, and the great community at NACCU is there to support us daily.

I hope everyone has a great start to 2022. We all have the basic materials, but sometimes we need guidance to create something far more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Why don’t you consider volunteering for NACCU today? New committees will begin following the NACCU Annual Conference in St. Louis. Members of the NACCU Volunteer Development Committee will be at the conference and can answer questions you may have about serving on a NACCU Committee.

William Bourlier is assistant manager of the card office at University of Southern California. Will has been in the field for seven years, and currently serves as the Chair of the Volunteer Development Committee.