Speedy Benchmark: AI in the Card Office

Posted By: Bankim Patel Speedy Benchmark,

There were two main aspects of the last Speedy Benchmark: 1) If you are using AI, then what technology are you using and how are you using it; and 2) If you are not currently using AI, then what is your plan for AI use in the future. Here is what we learned.

Of those 63 member campuses that responded:

  1. As of now, about 22% of respondents are using AI in their card office. Of those using AI, 64%  are using ChatGPT and 36% are using other AI tools. 
  2. Of the institutions using AI, 36% of responding schools use AI for customer experience and support, 28% use it for marketing activities, and 21% use AI for task automation and workflows.
  3. Of the 55 responding campuses not using AI: 51% are still int he very early phases of learning about AI and how they can use it in their environment; 46% of the respondents aren't planning to use AI at this time; 13% are planning to use AI in the next 12 months in their current environment.
  4. Of the respondents not using AI, 84% say if they were able to apply AI in their current environment, they would apply it to task automation; 64% say they would use it for intelligent marketing efforts; 24% would use AI to manage inventory.