NACCU New Member Highlight: rf IDEAS

New Member Highlight,
NACCU New Member Highlight:

In this latest installment of our New Member Highlight, we catch up with Gio Van Remortel from new NACCU member rf IDEAS.

Tell us about the history of your company.

For over 25 years, rf IDEAS has been a leading innovator of badge/card readers for in-building authentication and logical access control. We are a trusted name in security because we consistently deliver the right solutions to meet evolving needs.

What does your company do?

We provide RFID logical access and mobile authentication solutions that simplify and secure access to classrooms, housing, meal plans, transit systems, vending kiosks, off-campus restaurants and more. Student and faculty ID badges can provide single sign-on for education and secure, dynamic connections spanning the entire learning experience. We also provide biometric multi-factor authentication and zero-trust solutions to protect information and workforce data against growing threats. This keeps organizations compliant with emerging cybersecurity and privacy regulations, while utilizing your existing credentials. 

What products and services do you provide specifically to campus card operations?

        We provide credential readers and mobile authentication solutions for colleges and universities to authenticate users and enhance productivity, track time and attendance, visitor management, digital wallet, secure print, and campus police solutions.

        What are you hoping to gain from your NACCU membership?

        We would like to connect with staff at NACCU member institutions who would benefit from our offerings as well as other NACCU corporate members who can integrate and partner with us to expand the value proposition to campuses.

        Learn more about rf IDEAS at

        We hope you enjoyed learning a little about rf IDEAS as we welcome them to the NACCU community!