Cohort Selected for 2023-2024 NACCU LEAP Program

Cohort Selected for 2023-2024 NACCU LEAP Program

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of an association like NACCU than having highly qualified people serving in volunteer and leadership roles. LEAP (Leadership and Effectiveness in Association Practices) is an 8-month program designed to prepare volunteer leaders for future national leadership positions or for serving on the NACCU Board of Directors. The program helps participants gain an understanding of association governance, and how NACCU operates within the higher education association environment as well as covering important relevant topics such as strategic leadership and change management. 

We are proud to officially recognize the NACCU members who will participate in the NACCU LEAP Program this year. 

  • Nick Alexander, California State University-Northridge
  • Nancy Crosby, Mercer University
  • Wayne Fields, University of California Irvine
  • Audra Forsberg, Wayne State University
  • Jennifer McDonald, McMaster University
  • Christina Mosakowski, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Sara Munds, University of Illinois-Springfield
  • Chris Ramos, University of California Los Angeles

We look forward to working with these fabulous industry leaders through the next eight months as they complete the LEAP program.