Meet your NACCU Volunteers: Javan Teixeira

Your NACCU Volunteers,
Meet your NACCU Volunteers:
Javan Teixeira

This is the latest installment of the NACCU series highlighting our association volunteers. NACCU provides programs and services to our members, many which would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our volunteer leaders. Volunteers, whether they are a committee member, a Board member, or an onsite volunteer at a conference, are all important in making NACCU volunteer-driven programs an exceptional experience for our card industry peers.

Campus Card Information

Name: Javan Teixeira

School: New York University

Volunteer Role: Technology Research Committee

What is your role at your institution?

My role is leading IT solutions at New York University (NYU). My primary focus is to deliver and support enterprise solutions for Campus Services and Campus Safety that meet their business needs and ultimately provide a safe and secure environment for our students. I enjoy solving problems and building relationships, and in my role, I get to do just that at one of the largest, highly-ranked, private universities in the US.

Where was the first NACCU conference you attended held?

Actually, I have never had the pleasure of attending a NACCU Conference. My team has attended several in the past few years. They always come back with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. I hope to attend next year's conference in Austin.

What is your favo(u)rite thing about volunteering with your NACCU committee?

I enjoy collaborating with other schools on solving similar problems we all face. This volunteering opportunity allows me to learn from others how to navigate challenges as well as celebrate successes, and most of all, give back to the NACCU community.

What show are you binge-watching right now?

The Peripheral - I just started it. It has that Matrix, sci-fi, futuristic vibe that always interests me. I'm only 4 episodes in and so far, it has gotten my attention.

What is your go-to coffee or tea order?

On early morning days, Colombian coffee comes to the rescue. It gives me a quick boost and I relish the aroma. However, Chai Tea is my favorite. I've been experimenting with drinking tea in place of coffee. So far it's going well. It's very relaxing and provides a better ease into the day.

What is your favo(u)rite memory from when you were a student?

I was born in the South American country of Guyana and had the joy of growing up on the Caribbean Dutch islands of St. Maarten and Saba. After receiving a scholarship, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. My favorite fun memories there are of studying for finals at 3 a.m. with friends while doing laundry. However, the real gems were making new friendships every semester. I had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. Some of my best friends are from those days. I've learned a lot from them and have made life-long friendships.

What is one thing that would surprise people about you?

I can dance salsa. I took salsa classes when I was a college student. I had so much fun, I forced my wife to take some classes and it is something we enjoy doing together. I never stopped enjoying it.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole. I wake up and play this song every morning for a beautiful start of the day.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little about Javan! Please look for a new edition of "Meet Your NACCU Volunteers" soon.