NACCU Did you know? The Campus Profile can provide answers!


Did you know you can find answers to many questions using the Campus Profile?

You may remember updating the Campus Profile for your institution, sharing information such as what department you report to, and the various companies you partner with for different services on your campus.

But did you know that you can use the Campus Profile to answer common questions, including those regularly asked on the listserv? Easily find answers to questions such as:

•    What other schools charge for a card or replacement card
•    Which schools use cards for specific uses on campus
•    On-campus and off-campus commission rates
•    Schools that use a vendor you are considering partnering with

Simply use the filters in the search or download the spreadsheet to find the answers and connections you need! You can do both from the Campus Profile page on the website. Contact us if you require login assistance, as this is a members-only resource.

Campus Profile