NACCU Speedy Benchmark

Posted By: Bankim Patel Positive IDentity Blog,

This Speedy Benchmark is brought to you by the NACCU Technology Research Committee. These quick, one-question surveys are designed to collect data that is important to our institutional or corporate members. The information learned will help guide future NACCU activities.  

The October 2021 Speedy Benchmark pop-survey asked you about Vendor Accessibility. Thanks to all who took the time to share with us. Specifically, we asked has your campus been completing accessibility review for your current and potential vendors. Here is what we learned from the responses that we have received:

  • 66 respondents responded ‘no’ to the questions and 34 responded with “yes”.

  • Of the 33 responses received, 14 respondents have indicated that the accessibility review turn around process is either great or within acceptable time frames.

  • Following closely behind that group are 12 institutions who indicated that the process is challenging and time & resource consuming. There were seven institutions who answered “not sure” or had no input on the process.

  • The reviews were either being done by Procurement, IT, or a specific group of individuals within the institution.

  • The overall sentiment of the responses were that some vendors were doing a great job at meeting the accessibility reviews being done by the institutions and a few were having some challenges.

Why did we want to ask this question? This information helps us build knowledge backed up by the data points so that when we are designing content, we are able to meet our members where they are and address questions early.