NACCU New Member Highlight: Alert Enterprise

New Member Highlight,
NACCU New Member Highlight:
Alert Enterprise

In this latest installment of our New Member Highlight, we catch up with Reta Booij from new NACCU member Alert Enterprise.

Talk about the history of your company.

Since our inception 15 years ago, Alert Enterprise has been committed to security innovation to help redefine the modern workplace. Our history is rooted in critical infrastructure, helping to secure some of the world’s most trusted brands in finance, energy, healthcare, and technology. At the core of our mission is the seamless convergence of AI-powered access control, identity management, and workspace automation. Our solutions are designed to empower organizations with secure, flexible, and efficient environments, catering to the dynamic needs of today's hybrid workforce. We understand that in the digital era, the security of physical and digital assets is paramount. Our cutting-edge technology enables a holistic approach to safeguarding these assets, ensuring peace of mind for institutions, faculty, and students alike. 

What does your company do?

Alert Enterprise specializes in AI-powered cyber-physical identity, security and access, mobile credential management, and visitor management solutions. We strive to streamline operations and enrich the campus experience. Our solutions help unify physical security, with your IT systems, creating automated, productive workflows across departments, transforming how spaces are utilized and managed, and aligning with the digital lifestyle of today's students and workforce.

What products and services do you provide specifically to campus card operations?

        Recognizing the pivotal role of the Student ID and Campus Card in higher education, we offer:

        • Integrated Security Systems: Merging physical and digital security to safeguard access to campus facilities and data.
        • Mobile Credential Life-Cycle Management: Providing digital ID solutions that meet students in their digital world, enhancing access and interaction with campus services.
        • Advanced Visitor Management: Offering efficient and secure systems for managing campus visitors, aligning with the need for comprehensive campus security and guest experiences. 

        Our offerings are designed to address challenges such as leveraging legacy technology, automating time-consuming manual processes and the need to connect fragmented systems.

        Finally, the future of campus card operations and security is poised to be significantly transformed by the advent of Generative AI (Gen AI) technologies, and Alert Enterprise is at the forefront. Our Gen AI capabilities when integrated with existing security, identity and access frameworks, can offer unprecedented capabilities in real-time decision making, insights and assistance, threat prediction, and response strategies.

        Is there a new product of service you want to tell us about?

        NFC Wallet Mobile Credential Management – The Alert Enterprise Guardian platform manages the entire NFC mobile wallet credential lifecycle for Apple and Google wallet, so your campus card and security teams can ensure the most convenient and secure front-end experience alongside back-end control. Think better automation, smarter data analytics and all-around stronger governance.

        Based on student’s course enrollment in every semester, their access can be adjusted for various departments. Same applies for athletes - their locker, gym access can be controlled based on their sport. Gone are the days of resource intensive and risky custom scripting to manage all access combinations.

        Building access is only the beginning as the platform seamlessly interacts with many campus services.

        What are you hoping to gain from your NACCU membership?

        As a member of NACCU, Alert Enterprise aims to:

        • Foster Collaboration and Insight Sharing: To engage with and contribute to the knowledgeable NACCU community, sharing our expertise in security and workplace experience solutions.
        • Support Professional Development: To participate in and contribute to NACCU's educational programs and resources, enhancing the professional growth of campus card professionals.
        • Drive Innovation and Best Practices: To learn from and collaborate with other members, adopting and contributing to the best practices and innovations in the field of campus identification and security. 

        Learn more about Alert Enterprise at

        We hope you enjoyed learning a little about Alert Enterprise as we welcome them to the NACCU community!