LEAP Into NACCU: Three Things ALL Members Should Do

Posted By: Audra Forsberg Positive IDentity Blog,
LEAP Into NACCU: Three Things ALL Members Should Do

Audra Forsberg
Director, OneCard/Parking Service Center & Contract Services
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

My university has been a member of NACCU for many years but my involvement began in 2012. In 2017, I finally attended my first conference and I immediately began to see the value of our association. I also learned that my university was only taking advantage of a very small portion of what NACCU had to offer. Since that time I have been immersing myself in the organization trying to take advantage of as many resources as possible. I’ve utilized resources in the Vault and the Campus Profile and used the Onboarding Guide. I’ve connected with vendors, attended conferences and webinars, participated in Listserv Live events and responded directly on the Listserv. I participated in the SAGs assessment program, joined committees and have volunteered and presented roundtable sessions at the conference. Most recently I participated in the LEAP leadership program which prepares members to potentially serve on the Board of Directors.

After doing all of this, I have learned there are three things that I think ALL members should do to get involved with NACCU.

1. Share Your Knowledge – Whether it’s on the Listserv, informally at meals or in roundtables at the conference, or more formally in conference presentations, or online webinars, just share what you know! Someone, somewhere needs to know the valuable information that you have, whether it’s how much you charge for a replacement card, what card system you use, how you fund your office or how you moved to mobile credential. Every single person, no matter how new you are, has industry information that others in NACCU would find valuable and interesting.

2. Volunteer – You can choose to do this in small ways like at the conference registration desk, suggesting ideas for conference sessions or webinars, or telling other colleges and universities about NACCU. Or you can choose to volunteer your time in bigger ways such as hosting a NACCU Near You or a Data Summit, serving on a committee or serving on the Board. No matter how small or large your contribution, we need you! And you will get to know knowledgeable people and learn valuable information along the way. The connections that I have made and the people that I have met and can go to for advice and information are the things I love most about our association.

3. Apply for LEAP – The LEAP program (Leadership and Effectiveness in Association Practices) is an 8-month program designed to prepare volunteer leaders for future leadership positions in associations. I wanted to participate in this program because I was interested in learning about what it would take to become a NACCU board member in the future. I wanted to understand the scope and the time commitment, but I got so much more. I now have an understanding of how our association works, who makes the decisions, how decisions are made, and more about the opportunities we have and the challenges we face, not only in the card office space, but also in higher education as a whole. I understand that serving on the NACCU board (or any board) is about having a vision for the future of the association and figuring out ways to achieve that vision while anticipating any potential threats. This is information that I think everyone in our association should know, whether they decide to run for a board position or not. The more people who know this, the stronger our organization will become.

Whether you are just joining NACCU or have been a member for some time I hope that you choose to take advantage of all our organization has to offer. When we come together to learn and share resources our organization and our individual campuses thrive!