New Member Highlight - Waubonsee Community College

New Member Highlight,
New Member Highlight:
Waubonsee Community College

We catch up with Karen Frederick at new member Waubonsee Community College located in Sugar Grove, Illinois. We are excited to welcome WCC to NACCU!

What is your position/title?

Administrative Coordinator Campus Safety & Operations (hoping for that to change in the next 2-3 months – fingers crossed – or say some prayers! 😊)

How long have you been at your institution?

6 ½ years

What are you most hoping to gain from joining the NACCU community?

Support in processes/policies and recommended equipment/products

Are you considering moving to the mobile credential? If not, what is the next planned initiative for your campus card program?

Yes at some point but we need to start an upgrade to Seos Cards / Signo Readers first.

What is one feature you wish you could add to your campus card program?

Looking to try Area Access Manager with our Athletics Depart. And starting to upgrade to Seos Cards / Signo Readers

Does your program have social media links? If so, share so we can follow you!

Waubonsee Community College is on all social media platforms

Welcome to NACCU, Karen!